Enjoy Live Video Chats With Matches!
So No More Blind Dates

One of the best features of our site is the ability to meet members in live video chats--so no more blind dates! In a fun video chat, you get to know and like each other in real time before you decide if you'd like to get on a plane or go to a coffee shop to meet in person. This video chat service is free to all members, and is easy to do.

When you do a search and see someone intriguing, you can send them an email inviting them to meet you in a video chat at a time that's convenient for each of you. You can meet in no-pressure, fun video chats in the comfort of your own home, before you decide if you'd like to meet in person, ideally in a public place.

Video Chat Tutorial

Please Install Latest Adobe Flash Player On Your Computer For Video Chats

Step One

In order to video chat with someone, they have to be online. Find out who is online by going to the the "Online" page located under the "Members" tab on the main navigation bar. You will see that you can search who is online by gender, or as a total group.

For even faster access, simply click on this link to go directly to this "Who's Online" page.

Step Two

If you are the one initiating a Video Chat:

Once you have found the person online to video chat with, simply click on the red "Initiate Live Video Chat" link that is under the photo of that member. This will send an message to the member inviting them to video chat with you.

After you have sent the invitation, you then need to wait for that member to accept. When the member accepts your request, you will receive a message along with a link to launch the video chat screen. The message will say: "Click here to launch the AV window.

If you're the one who is getting invited to Video Chat:

When you get invited to video chat, you will notice you have a message down at the bottom of the screen in the silver toolbar, near the right side, right next to "Who's Online." You simply open up the invitation and click on the link to accept the invitation. Your acceptance will then get sent back to the person who invited you, who will then click to start up the AV window.

Step Three

Once the AV window has been launched (by the person who initiated the chat), you will both need to allow the AV window to use your webcam and microphone. This simply means clicking to accept the request from the AV window to allow your machine to use your webcam and microphone. After that, you simply start video chatting immediately. There is no extra software or hardware required, as long as your computer has a webcam and a microphone.

Enjoy Your Video Chats!