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What is a Guided Love Quest? How does it help you find Great Love and create Great Relationships?

These questions were answered by America’s Love Guide and TribeOfSingles.com founder, Hadley Finch, when she spoke at a global dating industry conference in January 2012. She'd listened to owners of the world's top dating sites complain that new members often quit their sites within 1-2 months of joining.

Then Hadley proudly revealed that great singles happily remain members in TribeOfSingles.com dating site until they find great love. Why?

It's because they enjoy the world's first Guided Love Quest in a community of positive women and men who want to find love and get the red-hot love life you deserve now.

Is a Guided Love Quest right for you?

Do you want to stop wasting valuable time meeting the wrong people?

Are you ready to break through hidden barriers to love?

Are you willing to do something new to get all the love you deserve now?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you've got the right attitudes to find great love and create a great relationship.
Now you make that happen simply by using expert dating advice and exciting love skills that you get during your guided love quest.

How do you receive expert guidance in your guided love quest?

  • * You get expert advice to create a winning profile, stop dead-end dating, and find great love in your TribeOfSingles Members Area.
  • * You get dating questions answered during Happy Hour Chats with America's Love Guide, Hadley Finch.
  • * You gain access to Hadley Finch’s radio interviews for A Lasting Love with the world’s top experts, who help you avoid dating minefields, find love fast, pass love tests, and go from being bored or lonely to happiness and bliss.
  • * You claim gift books, audios and services that help you experience even greater love, health, success and happiness in our Member Spotlight, as fellow members share their expertise with the Tribe.
  • * You receive regular emails, audios and videos with Great Love Tips to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be--in red-hot relationship with lasting love.

How did Hadley Finch develop the world’s first guided love quest?

After her long, happy marriage ended tragically, she still believed in Great Love. She set out to find it online. She learned from personal experience how to sort through mismatches and meet great men on 3 continents, not without disappointments.

She deleted these disappointments and improved the online dating experience when she created the world’s first guided love quest in TribeOfSingles.com.


No more random searches for love among millions of mismatched singles, since you belong to a community of great singles seeking great love now

No more blind dates, since you meet in fun video chats before you decide to meet in person in a public place

No more lonely love quests, since you join or start meetup groups in your city and gather for your favorite social, sports, entertainment activities

No more solo travel, since you enjoy dream travel at dream prices with active singles on your love wavelength

No falling for the wrong person, since you do background checks, check out profiles on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and meet family and friends of a potential match, before you enter a serious relationship

No making the same old dating mistakes, since you get exciting new love skills to choose your great love and create a great relationship with secrets of A Lasting Love.

Remember, the great love you are seeking is seeking you. And great singles find great love in TribeOfSingles.com dating site. Take a FREE look around as our guest.

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