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America's love guide,
Hadley Finch, helps you
find love in 12 weeks.

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Welcome to Singles Love Matches!

We attract selective singles seeking
deeper intimacy and happy, sexy love
that lasts in a relationship.

We don’t rely on chance or a random
search for love in a sea of mismatches,
like you find on most online dating sites.

We do choose a guided adventure to find love. How?

Our members discover how to bypass
dating minefields that cause heartbreak
and only date matches who can love
you well.

What’s the success secret?

Great lovers aren’t born that way.
They learn from love masters how to
love truly, deeply, passionately for a lifetime. They use new attitudes and actions to
overcome challenges and create new
results in life and love.

Is that you?

Find out in this quick Love Test:

Are you willing to do something new
to get new results in every aspect of life?

Want to stop loving people who hurt you
and start being attracted to people who
are kinder, more available and able to
build a life and relationship you love?

Want to choose love matches who value
the wonders of you and avoid people
who don’t?

Want to uncover hidden habits that can
sabotage love and marriage without
you even knowing it?

Will you honor your longing for true love
and deeper connection, because it
propels you out of lonely isolation
and into our community of supportive
singles seeking a great love match now?

Do you believe the great love you’re
seeking is seeking you?

How did you score?

If you answered a whole-hearted YES
to most questions on this love test,
then you may feel at home and even
find love among likeminded singles in
singleslovematches.com How do you join us?

By invitation only.

Beginning January 1, 2016, there is only
one way to receive your invitation to join

Membership is a bonus
when you sign up for our 12 week
guided program,

Each week in the program, I interview other
top experts who help you find love, overcome
challenges and achieve more in 12 weeks
than most do in 12 months.

And you’ll meet singles on your love
wavelength during love dating mastermind
meetings and in live video dating chats
with SinglesLove Matches.

Where else can you meet great singles
seeking a great love match now?

Get started now by watching 3 free videos
at FindLoveForNewYearsEve.com

I’m excited to see you there and help you—

Get all the happy, sexy love you desire now,

America’s Love Guide
Creator of SinglesLoveMatches


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